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NEW CATEGORY: Bible Study from Dan Bohi

apostle paul audio becoming love bible study dan bohi new category new testament Apr 14, 2022

Dan Bohi has been teaching through a series of chapters in the New Testament on his weekly ZOOM call (to join the weekly call, see details below).

The verse-by-verse commentary from Dan will take you deeper into the writings of the Apostle Paul, and would be useful for a small group or individual Bible study.

(as of April 14, 2022)

  • Colossians Ch. 1 and 2
  • Galatians Ch. 1
  • Galatians Ch. 2
  • Galatians Ch. 3
  • Galatians Ch. 4

Visit the Bible Study category for Dan Bohi HERE.

Send an email with your request to be added to the weekly ZOOM CALL LIST: [email protected].

*You will receive an email prior to each day's Zoom call with instructions and links to join in the call.



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