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We're Praying Blessings for Your New Year!

Dec 29, 2022

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

It is our sincere desire and hope that you are finding enrichment, encouragement, and exponential growth through the content included in this collection known as 'The Becoming Love Library'.

 As we are entering a new year, and 2022 begins to close, we take a moment to pray for you--A prayer of health, prosperity, and blessing for you and your loved ones, and that your relationship with God and His people flourish for His glory.

You are loved and appreciated for your ongoing support of Becoming Love Ministries and its families. We covet and cherish your prayers as we continue to endeavor to follow the calling of awakening the church in preparation of Jesus' return.

May 2023 be your best year yet--and whether it be the year of our Lord's return or not, may He find you faithful and dedicated to living out the life He has created for you.

It is also our prayer that as you become more like Jesus, you will faithfully lead others to Him in all you say and do, and make Christ-like disciples, and teaching them to do the same.

In Jesus' Name~

The Becoming Love Ministries Team and Families

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